1st Grade Math Games

Tugboat Math Addition

tug boat addition is a game in which you can move the tugboat by clicking the answer that is appropriate below the equation. The tugs which your boats gets is increased depending on the way you answer the questions faster

Sailboat Tug Team Subtraction

sailboat subtraction is one of the free game which is based on maths especially designed for kids. The players of the team and various teams play together to pull the opposite team over the bouey

Puppy Hop Letter Racing

puppy hop is a game designed to recognise the letters and 4 players can play this game at one time. The standard which should be qualified by the student is he should be capable of demonstrating command

Minus Mission Subtraction

minus mission is a game that is featured and it is added to the grade one. You will have to add up the values of all the coins and click on to the answer that is correct

Koala Karts Counting Racing

The standard which should be achieved to play this game is to understand the relationship between quantities and numbers. The content of the game is to do counting with a frame of 10.

Kitten Match Addition

Kitten Match is a multiplayer unique math game plays with the help of kitten ,this game for students garde 1 and grade 2

Kitten Hop Word recognition

The content of the game is to recognise words. The standards which should be satisfied by the person for playing this game is the student must be capable of demonstrating the conventional commands of the spelling on standard english.

Kangaroo Hop Shapes

You will have to read the shape name at the bottom of the page and select the correct shape named above in the center of the screen.

Jumping Chicks Counting

Jumping Chicks Counting You should make sure that you are counting carefully and also move on in a rapid speed. the game can be played by four players at a time

Jet Ski Addition

Jet ski addition game is a one in which you have to answer the problems given in addition on the screen. How quick you give the correct answer that quick the jet ski goes.

Island Chase Subtraction

island chase subtraction is a racing game which can be played by many players it is specially designed to practise the subject math.

Ducky Race Subtraction

Duck race is a game which consists of the subtration to the facts up to 12 and the student is qualified to play this game if he is fluent in demonstrating both addition and subtraction with in the limit of 10. this game can be played freely in all the parts of the world and… Read more »

Alien Math Addition

Alien math Additon is fun math game for kids from Grade 1 to Grade 3 School kids.Solve the game With Your laser Gun and prevent the Alien invasion.