6th Grade Math Games

Toad Hop Country Capitals

the content of the toad hop game is the countries and the capital. 4 players can play this game at a time. You should give instructions to the toad by selecting the appropriate country which matches with the capital which is listed in the screens bottom

Swimming Otters Algebra Expressions

for this game first you will have to log in and you have to create a game and then begin the race. To give a boost to your otter swim to the answer that is correct. To have a control on your otter use the arrow keys which is present in the keyboard. The speed… Read more »

Spider Match Integer Subtraction

spider match integers can be played by 4 players and the content of the game is to create a number that is new with the addition of integers. It is a great game which is based on maths that helps the kid to get practice on both the negative and positive numbers. if you want… Read more »

Spelling Bees Words

Spelling Bees is a game of racing which can be played by multiple players which allows the child to play from anywhere in the globe. In this game they can race with one of the other players who are racing at the time of practicing division.

Speedway Adding Fractions

the concept of speedway game is to add fracitons and 12 players can play the game at a time. The game is to solve the equation of fraction which is given. If you want to move the car along the track then you have to give correct answers. If you meet the finish line then… Read more »

Snow Sprint Multiplying Fractions

snow sprint is a game which is helpful to the students to cultivate their skills on integer multiplication. The correct answer should be clicked after multiplying the fractions given. The snow sled slides along the snow as quick as you give correct answers. this game can be played by 12 players

Sky Chase Typing Short Words

the content of the sky chase game is to type the words that are short, 12 players can play the game at the same time. The sufficient knowledge of keyboarding skills is very essential. This is a racing game which can be played by multiple users in and around the world. they have a provision… Read more »

Puppy Pull Decimal Conversion

puppy pull game select the appropriate answer to give power to your puppy. The speed in which you puppy will tug depends on the speed in which you give your answers.

Puppy Chase Decimal Conversions

puppy chase game the fractions are converted into decimals and it is designed in a manner that is attractive for kids.

Owl Planes Typing Words

owl planes game is to type the words that are long. The standard which is required for the game is to have sufficient knowledge about the skills of keyboarding.

Otter Rush Algebraic Exponent Expressions

The otters speed depends on the speed in which you give the correct answers. 12 players can play this game at a time.

Orbit Adding Integers

orbit integer game is to add the integers and 4 players can play this game at a time. This is a game which is for free to teach integer addition to kids.

Koala Paddleboards Spelling Words

You can compete when you are practising on spelling. The number of members who can play this game at a time is 8.

Integer Warp Multiplying

this is a game of racing which can be played with multi-players so the students can race with the other and can use it from any place of the world when they are practising integers multiplication.

Hungry Puppies Decimal Addition

Hungry Puppies Decimal Addition is providing you with an option to compete with the other players at the time when you practice for decimal addition

Canoe Penguins Multiplication Race

Canoe Penguins is a game which can be played by multiple players. They have a chance to compete against each other while they are practicing to multiply the number of two digits.

Country Toad Capitals

country toad the kids will learn and get practiced on the countries and their respective capitals. Anything which is given to a kid in form of a game will make them learn quickly.