addition games

Puppy Caneo Race Addition

Puppy Caneo Race Addition provide a place where you can compete with other students at the time of practicing the two digit numerals addition.

Tugboat Math Addition

tug boat addition is a game in which you can move the tugboat by clicking the answer that is appropriate below the equation. The tugs which your boats gets is increased depending on the way you answer the questions faster

Kitten Match Addition

Kitten Match is a multiplayer unique math game plays with the help of kitten ,this game for students garde 1 and grade 2

Jet Ski Addition

Jet ski addition game is a one in which you have to answer the problems given in addition on the screen. How quick you give the correct answer that quick the jet ski goes.

Alien Math Addition

Alien math Additon is fun math game for kids from Grade 1 to Grade 3 School kids.Solve the game With Your laser Gun and prevent the Alien invasion.