Fractions Games

Speedway Adding Fractions

the concept of speedway game is to add fracitons and 12 players can play the game at a time. The game is to solve the equation of fraction which is given. If you want to move the car along the track then you have to give correct answers. If you meet the finish line then… Read more »

Snow Sprint Multiplying Fractions

snow sprint is a game which is helpful to the students to cultivate their skills on integer multiplication. The correct answer should be clicked after multiplying the fractions given. The snow sled slides along the snow as quick as you give correct answers. this game can be played by 12 players

Ratio Stadium Ratio Equivalency

ratio stadium is a game which is based on maths for kids teach how to compare the ratios properly. The students race against one another to obtain the cup.

Puppy Chase Decimal Conversions

puppy chase game the fractions are converted into decimals and it is designed in a manner that is attractive for kids.

Dirt Bike Proportions

Dirt bike proportion is a game of racing which can be played by multiple players can race with one of the other players who are racing at the time of finishing the proportions of the equivalents.

Dirt Bike Comparing Fractions

The dirt bike can play this game from any place they can have a tug of war with one another while they learn and practice fractions on comparing with one another. The content of the article is about comparing fractions.