Spelling Games

Turtle Dash Spelling

this game of turtle dash consists of spellings which has two vowels and the student should be aware and apply the skills of word analysis and phonics according to the level of grade at the time of the decoding of the words. Four players can play this game at a time. at the time of… Read more »

Spelling Bees Words

Spelling Bees is a game of racing which can be played by multiple players which allows the child to play from anywhere in the globe. In this game they can race with one of the other players who are racing at the time of practicing division.

Koala Paddleboards Spelling Words

You can compete when you are practising on spelling. The number of members who can play this game at a time is 8.

Coconut Vowels

The coconut vowel is a game in which you can give a good practice to your kids to learn spelling of words correctly. In this game the words which is written on the coconut falls of on to the beach.

Puppy Hop Letter Racing

puppy hop is a game designed to recognise the letters and 4 players can play this game at one time. The standard which should be qualified by the student is he should be capable of demonstrating command

Kitten Hop Word recognition

The content of the game is to recognise words. The standards which should be satisfied by the person for playing this game is the student must be capable of demonstrating the conventional commands of the spelling on standard english.