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Note: This text work is subject to change at any time. Before it does the change will be posted on this page.All the information which we have updated above is true and as per condition please make use of it and enhance the level of skill.
About Copyrights and Fair Use
We all know the importance of copyrights and their significance in protecting the work of the individual creators of inimitable and innovative educational materials such as kidsmathplay.com and kidsmathplay Algebra.
Within the given limit the teachers and students are allowed to make use of our site which is termed as fair use and the copyright information are highly confidential which need to make use for educational purpose in the particular range of classroom. Most of the teachers are unaware of the copyright materials which are published through the websites.
All students have rights to work with fair use which includes graphics and contents related data can be changed without any permission until it covers under the classroom. There are few restriction are placed that need to avoided such as getting same content from the website cannot be placed in the forum.
For teachers, it’s a bit more complicated and MUCH more restricted. To cut to the chase, the key is to never use anything that would cause the copyright owner to lose income. For example, photocopy any portion of a textbook (or other book) for classroom use instead of buying copies of the book for each student. Or downloading or printing a portion of a website for classroom use instead of visiting the site “live” so that the publisher can receive the income from the online ads.
Especially for teachers, the protocols are highly restricted because that may directly affect the copyright owner to lose profit from the site. For example, for giving different task for the students in a classroom they may photocopy part of the textbook. Similarly, download the content from the other site which may cause to get the profit to the publisher from online ads.