Alien Math Addition

Alien math Additon is fun math game for kids from Grade 1 to Grade 3 School kids.Solve the game With Your laser Gun and prevent the Alien invasion.
A practice in addition with a theme of alien invasion is known as Alien Addition. Space ships are invaded with the problems of addition which moves down from the top to the platform that has laser made of canon which is present at the bottom of the screen. This addition provides facts up to 12 in the contents. It can be used by 1 player. The things which are required for playing this game are a calculator and a classmate. The purpose of this game is for the activity which is present in the level 3 in the series of figures it out. In the framework of numbers it is present in the stage number 6. The outcomes which are availed specifically in learning this is to solve the problems of addition and it involves numbers of all the digits either single or multi digits. This is a game which is designed especially for students to get practice with numbers of single, three or two digits and the number should be whole numbers. The calculations should be done by the candidates either mentally or using a paper. Just for the purpose of checking whether your calculations are right calculators can be used.

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