Language Games

Word Invasion Parts of Speech

The content of the game is based on the parts of speech and only one player can play this game from a single board. The standard required for this game is to demonstrate the convention you have with the standard language of english and the way you use it when you write or speak. this… Read more »

Word Frog Synonyms, and Homonyms

the contents of the game is present with the aantonyms, synonyms and the homonyms, this game can be played by one player at a time. The student should be aware of english that is figurative in this the word that is targeted is appeared on the frog with the category of words beneath it notifying… Read more »

Turtle Dash Spelling

this game of turtle dash consists of spellings which has two vowels and the student should be aware and apply the skills of word analysis and phonics according to the level of grade at the time of the decoding of the words. Four players can play this game at a time. at the time of… Read more »

Octopus Feed Homonyms

octopus feed is a game which can be played by 4 players at a time and the content of the game is homonyms. It is a game which can be played all through the world and multi users can be able to operate it from different systems.

Furious Frogs Antonyms

The content of Furious Frog is to learn antonyms that it is the words which are opposite to the original word and possess the opposite meaning.

Giraffe Karts Subject Verb Agreement

Giraffe karts consist of the content as an agreement of a verb and a subject. The game can be played with four players.

Elephant Synonyms Feed

Elephant Feed is to learn synonyms that is the words which are similar to the original word and possess the same meaning.

Coconut Vowels

The coconut vowel is a game in which you can give a good practice to your kids to learn spelling of words correctly. In this game the words which is written on the coconut falls of on to the beach.

Puppy Hop Letter Racing

puppy hop is a game designed to recognise the letters and 4 players can play this game at one time. The standard which should be qualified by the student is he should be capable of demonstrating command

Kitten Hop Word recognition

The content of the game is to recognise words. The standards which should be satisfied by the person for playing this game is the student must be capable of demonstrating the conventional commands of the spelling on standard english.